HMO mortgages with Kent Reliance Banking Services

When Kent reliance launch a couple of years ago it was a market leader in their attitude to lending to the high loan to value to complex buy to let mortgages such as HMOs, self-contained units, student lets and Limited Companies, etc.

Since its launch, other lenders who have who have entered or re-entered this market has created competition which has by large slightly reduced the cost of these type of buy to let mortgages. However, I feel they’re is still a fair way to go before margins are squeezed as there is still criteria and risk which will be reassessed before the margins.

We have seen in the recent months that Kent Reliance has reduced their minimum HMO property value from £250,00 to £75,000 and removed their minimum single applicants income from £25,000 to an affordability is a good example where criteria can be amended.

Although they have very attractive criteria attributes, they do not nessecearly complete on price and this Is obviously the lending attitude the lender has taken, which is market leading. I would always consider Kent as a first choice for first time landlords, higher loan to value, lower rental yields to mention but a few.

Additionally, their underwriters are very commercially minded. They have one particular underwriter who typically underwrites my HMO and limited company mortgages who very much has a can do attitude.

• We do not work from a mortgage panel
• We do not typically charge mortgage broker fees

Vincent Burch
HMO mortgage broker

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